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Shipping and Returns

Cancellation, Changes and Returns :
Printcustomboxes.Com will burn the midnight oil to provide the fastest service in our endeavor to satisfy you. Once you have placed the order with us, we will start production on our workflow systems within 6-8 hours, therefore changes, editions, corrections and/or order cancellation is not possible.

We are printing customized produts or and every order is unique based on the information or artwork provided by the customer, so the returns are not accepted. Once the production is started or completed, it will be custom printed and therefore, will be of no use to us or anyone except the person or company who ordered the goods. If you have placed wrong order or made a mistake, we are not responsible for that and you have to inform Printcustomboxes.Com within 2-4 hours once order is placed to change artwork, once production is started, and custom changes, artwork or asks to edit something it will be done at his/her expense. But if a mistake was a result of our production process, Printcustomboxes.Com will reprint the order that is due solely to printing error (smudges, wrong die-cutting, light ink, incorrect perforations, form alignment, etc.) If the order is being re-printed, no changes in copy, paper quality, quantity, or any such detail will be changed and whole order will be same.

Printcustomboxes.Com will cancel your order prior to printing or shipping of production. However, if your ordered item has been shipped then it cannot be cancelled and there will be NO REFUND. Orders may be cancelable during the various production stages but cancellation charges will apply. Our Customer Service Team will inform you of any cancellation fee.

1) Orders are placed on-line.
2) Orders are reworked in our design department.
3) Orders are sent to the press.
4) Orders are collected by the shipping firm and shipped. All orders are cancelable before stage 2. If an order is cancelled in stage 1, you will be charged $25 plus 7.5% of the total amount to fulfill payment processing fees, bank charges and to cover our art department fees.

For orders cancelled in stage 2, 25% of the total order amount is deducted as cancellation fees to equal our design department's charges.
After an order enters stage 3, assurance to cancel the order but we will try but cannot guarantee order cancellation. However, if the order is still in stage 3, and the user wants to have it cancelled, at least 50% of the total order amount is deducted to cover expenses. Once an order reaches stage 4, it cannot be cancelled. And after delivery there will be NO REFUND, however, in case of mistake in printing or any difference in approved artwork and final product, we will reprint the product and at every stage our Custom Service will let customer know about everything.

Customer Service: Printcustomboxes.Com
338 Grant St, Niles, OH 44446.
Email: info@Printcustomboxes.Com
Tel: (630) 780-6717.

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